Last updated: 2021-01-19 10:24:52

As a direct importer, we are confident in the cabinets we sell. We stand behind our products and offer a limited five-year warranty. If you have a warranty claim please contact Blue Valley Cabinets and fill out the Warranty Sheet with a detailed description and pictures of the defects or damage you are experiencing with our products. Email your completed Warranty Sheet to warranty@bluevalleycabinets.com and upon receiving your email we will let you know our decision to repair or replace the defective product. DO NOT PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF BVC. BVC will be responsible for all shipping and handling fees if a valid claim is approved. Please review our terms for more details on your product’s warranty.


For a period of five years, BVC warrants to the original purchaser that cabinetry, door hinges, and drawer glides will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty is not transferable and only applicable to products used for single-family owner-occupied residential purposes. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage or defects caused by accidents, misused or abused items, mishandled or improperly installed items, improperly stored items, customized or modified items, or items that are subject to extreme temperature or moisture level.

Natural woods may vary in color and grain pattern. Just as no two trees are alike, no two pieces of wood are alike. The variation in color and grain pattern in wood adds to its natural beauty and is not considered an imperfection. Environmental factors, including but not limited to artificial/natural light, moisture, cleaners, smoke, etc. may cause the darkening or mellowing of a cabinet over time. This is a natural process and can be expected. This warranty does not cover the natural aging or darkening / mellowing of wood color, the inherent growth characteristics of, or variation in wood.

Wood is wood, and expansion-contraction still happens year after year as it compensates and adjusts to ever-changing atmospheric humidity and temperature conditions. Therefore, warping of less than 1/4″ is not considered a defect. The purchaser agrees to let doors that are warped 1/4″ or more to hang for two seasons before replacement is requested. Typically, a door will return to its normal flat position once it is acclimated to temperature and humidity conditions. Prior to requesting a replacement for a warped door, please be sure the door has been installed properly and hinges are adjusted correctly.

Stain variations: since no two trees are the same, wood is a unique material with natural variations in grain, texture, and color. These variations may also cause considerable differences between old samples and new cabinets. Please Note: Newly produced cabinets will never be the same color as aged samples or cabinets. Color changes may occur in the finished wood products. As a result of exposure to light and other elements that are part of the aging process. These material variations and changes are not covered by this warranty.

Some of the cabinet lines feature a glazed finish which accentuates the door and drawer front profiles. This glaze is hand applied over a stain or paint and may, due to the nature of the application, consist of random drip runs, etc. As glazing is a hand applied process there will be variations in color and appearance from door to door and cabinet to cabinet. This is not considered a defect and is considered normal with hand-applied finishes. Cabinet lines with painted surfaces may show fractures in the paint at joints. This is normal and is not considered a defect. At our discretion, we may elect to repair or replace with a functionally equivalent product covered by this warranty. Some replacement parts are subject to stock availability and may differ from the original parts received. Return of defective product may be required for a replacement to be issued. Repair parts or replacement parts are at the expense of Blue Valley Cabinets. This warranty does not include or cover the cost of installation, removal, subsequent damage, or transportation of the defective product. This is regardless of whether work was performed by a contractor, service company, or yourself.

To obtain service under this warranty, please contact the business from whom you purchased this product. A copy of the original purchaser’s dated receipt must be submitted with all claims to preserve the rights under this warranty. This warranty is non-transferable. Blue Valley Cabinets Inc reserves the right to inspect the claimed defective cabinets. No returns, replacements, or repairs may be made without prior written consent. This warranty is the sole warranty of Blue Valley Cabinets Inc. No dealer, distributor or agent possesses any authority whatsoever to modify or enlarge the above warranty in any way.